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January 2019

  • Language Learning Students Show Visually Impaired People the World

    Published 31/01/19
    Traveleyes is a company that pairs visually impaired people (“VIPs”) with sighted guides and takes them on journeys around the world. Inspired by the potential connections between their work and the UWC values, Traveleyes teamed up with t
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  • What it’s Like to Attend a UWC Short Course

    Published 31/01/19

    UWC short courses advance the UWC mission by bringing UWC education to a wider audience than UWC schools and colleges alone can reach. They are a great tool for engagement across the UWC movement: often run by UWC schools, colleges and national committees, short courses and summer programmes encourage leadership, collaboration and alumni involvement. An increasing number of UWC short course alumni go on to run their own short courses and educate the next generation of changemakers in line with UWC values. 

    2018 was the most successful year to date for UWC short courses, in terms of the volume of short courses and short course participants as well as reported impact. A total of 26 UWC short courses took place in 2018, and educated 950 young people around the world.

    The past year’s UWC short course alumni reported significant learning during their respective courses, across fields such as the environment, diversity, peace and conflict, migration and cultural understanding. In addition, they reported developing their soft skills and their awareness of the world and their place in it: such as critical thinking, understanding the power which they possess as individuals, exploring life outside of their comfort zone, and generally expanding their horizons.

    But don’t just take it from us - hear from UWC short course alumni below!

    Much like our schools and colleges, UWC short courses offer some scholarship funding and are committed to educating a deliberately diverse group of young people. Why not apply now, and experience the transformational educational experience of a UWC short course?

    For a full list of 2019 UWC short courses, click here.

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