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UWC International Newsletter: Choosing to be Optimistic

22 April 2021

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In this UWC International Newsletter, we have some things to commemorate, such as:

  • The news of the sad passing of W. Galen Weston and Vartan Gregorian
  • A reflection on ongoing challenges that members of the UWC movement continue to face with COVID-19 and accompanying difficulties 

And lots of things to keep us optimistic, including: 

  • The news that the Davis-UWC IMPACT challenge is now complete
  • The results of the UWC Community Communications survey
  • The GoMakeADifference winning projects
  • A celebration of UWC host parents
  • A celebration of UWC national committee solidarity 
  • Info on upcoming UWC short courses
  • ...And the brand new UWC Community Corner - with UWC community-specific news and updates!