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UWC International

UWC International is the organisation at the centre of the UWC movement and its many different stakeholders. Its role is to coordinate between the different UWC stakeholders, to set the global direction and strategy for the UWC movement, to approve new UWC schools, colleges, national committees and educational programmes, to be in charge of UWC’s global fundraising and communication projects and to ensure the adherence of all stakeholders to jointly agreed policies.

UWC is governed by the UWC International Board and the UWC International Council. The executive arm of the International Board is the UWC International Office.

The UWC International Board is comprised of up to 16 Directors, elected by the UWC Council. It has executive responsibility for the governance of the organisation and meets three times a year. The responsibilities of the UWC International Board of Directors include:

  • Defining the ethos and strategic development of the UWC movement
  • Overseeing UWC schools, colleges and national committees
  • Coordination of UWC’s global profile and communications
  • Approval of the functions and operations of the UWC International Office

Members on the UWC International Board include UWC college/school Heads and Chairs, the Chair and vice-chairs of the Committee of the National Committees as representatives of UWC’s national committee system and members at large. While numerous Board members are UWC alumni or current/former staff members, other Board members are not and add specific skills, know-how and perspectives. All Board members act on a volunteer basis.

The UWC Council includes Heads and Chairs of the UWC schools and colleges, national committee representatives, as well as alumni and other members of the wider UWC community. It has up to 80 members, who meet once a year. The UWC Council elects the UWC International Board and discusses issues of strategic, developmental and philosophical significance. All Council members act on a volunteer basis.

The executive arm of the International Board is the UWC International Office, based in London and, since October 2019, in Berlin. It executes the strategic decisions set by the UWC International Board and is the administrative heart of the UWC movement. The team at the UWC International Office coordinates UWC’s different stakeholders, supports UWC schools, colleges and national committees alike in their activities and is the driver behind different initiatives across the UWC movement. The UWC International Office team works in five main teams reflecting its main areas of activities:

1. Executive Team
2. Education Team
3. Advancement Team (including fund development, communications, engagement and outreach)
4. Programmes Team (including national committees and schools and colleges development)
5. Programme Development Team 
6. Finance Team 

Any member of the UWC movement can nominate individuals for membership of the UWC International Board and UWC Council. Nominations will be submitted to the Nomination and Governance Committee of the UWC International Board. Nominees can be either members of the UWC community at large - students, alumni, staff members, volunteers, former volunteers or former staff members, parents, donors - or other individuals who wish to contribute to the development and work of the UWC movement.

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