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UWC International


UWC is made up of many schools, short courses and national committees in many different countries. But as a global movement, it is much more than that. UWC International is the representative body of the entire UWC movement, and it exists to make sure all of its parts have a voice and work together towards the UWC mission of making education a force for peace.

What does UWC International do?

UWC International’s role is to set the global strategy and direction of UWC worldwide based on the wishes of its members. And it also exists to ensure that members of the UWC movement work together to achieve it.

The responsibilities of UWC International inter alia include:

  • Agreeing and refining the strategy for UWC
  • Whenever needed, coordinate between UWC entities to ensure information sharing and collaboration 
  • Approving new schools, colleges, national committees and educational programmes
  • Overseeing global fundraising and communications projects

 It does this through a system that involves UWC members with different skills across the world.

How does UWC International work?

UWC International is made up of three groups, working together:

  • The UWC International Board
  • The UWC International Council
  • The UWC International Office

The UWC International Board is in charge of governing the wider UWC movement. Its job includes agreeing on the right strategy and communications, as well as ensuring that the schools and national committees act in line with policies collectively agreed. 

It is made up of a maximum of 13 volunteer directors, who usually meet three times a year. Board members are elected by the UWC International Council and include: two UWC school heads, two chairs of UWC school boards, two representatives of UWC national committees, with seven remaining directors who can be UWC alumni or other members of the UWC community or beyond. They may be elected to provide certain skills, knowledge, or perspectives.

The work of the UWC International Board cascades into nine committees. Some of them provide support to the governance system (Governance Committee, Nominating Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, and Personnel and Remuneration Committee); others work and advise on substantial strategic matters (Education Committee, International Philanthropy Committee, and Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee); and others foster collaboration and representation across constituencies (Schools and Colleges Committee, and Committee of National Committees).

The UWC International Council represents the wider UWC community.

It is made up of a maximum of 80 members, including the heads of all UWC schools, all chairs of school boards, national committee representatives, alumni and other UWC community members and external experts. It usually meets twice a year to discuss UWC’s strategy and development. The Council makes sure that all parts of the UWC movement from  across the world have a say in the decisions that affect the entire UWC movement. 

The UWC International Office (UWCIO) is responsible for carrying out the work agreed by the UWC International Board. It is the Board’s executive arm. Based in London and Berlin, with some colleagues working remotely from around the world, the UWCIO team works with UWC’s many stakeholders, supports schools and national committees, and is responsible for day-to-day activities and initiatives.

This executive team is led by the Executive Director, who reports to the Chair of the UWC International Board. It is funded by annual fees paid by UWC schools.

The UWC International Office is made up of six main teams:

  • The Executive team, which ensures the UWC International Office is run smoothly
  • The Education team, which oversees the curriculum and education programmes
  • The Advancement team, which handles communications, engagement and philanthropy
  • The Programmes team, which supports schools and national committees
  • The Programme Development team, which works on new programmes including mental health, safeguarding and new school proposals
  • The Finance team, which manages UWC’s accounts and ensures its financial health

How can I play a part?

The UWC International system is set up to ensure that UWC is forward-thinking and responsive. But it is also vital that its direction is set by members of its community.

Any member of the UWC movement can nominate an individual for membership of the UWC International Council, which in turn elects Board members. These people can be current or former staff or students, or simply someone whose expertise could help UWC move forward. The same is true for membership to the different Board committees, where members are drawn both from the UWC International Board or Council and from outside UWC’s governing bodies. Each Board committee has different requirements and makes calls for nominations when needed through UWC International communications channels, including social media and newsletters. 

Find out more about UWC International

UWC International is a registered company and charity in the United Kingdom, and registered as a gGmbH in Germany.