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Four UWC Student Groups Win The Global Pitch 2020 of The Changemaker Project

22 June 2020

The Changemaker Project encourages young people aged between 13 and 24 to team up and choose a social or environmental problem to tackle. They then develop innovative and unique solutions to that problem, using the skills they develop during the course which is built around three main themes: Leadership Development, Understanding the Problems and Building Solutions. Teams can then submit their projects for the chance to win seed funding at Global Pitch. 

This year UWC students were selected by the judges as four of the ten winning teams to receive funding, with the following projects: 

‘All Clean’ (also 'People's Choice Award Winner') is a cross-UWC school team, involving Gerald and Peter from UWC Mahindra College and UWC Changshu China, both living in Ghana. The aim is to address the sanitation needs of local market women in Ghana by renovating the sanitation facilities in line with good hygiene and to help them run in a sustainable manner. 

‘Armenia Without Abuse’ is the team from UWC Dilijan, also involving a UWC Mahindra College student. They seek to raise awareness around the issue of domestic violence in Armenia - which they found to be far too widespread and far too undocumented - by producing a documentary that they hope will spark discussion and break the silence surrounding this issue.

‘Project Rakt’ from UWC Mahindra College aims to address widespread anemia - a public health and gender inequality issue - in the areas surrounding the school, incorporating input from local social workers, non-profits, doctors, women-leaders and government functionaries. 

‘Poster Group’ from UWC Red Cross Nordic seeks to provide visual education materials to the Christian Advent School in Liberia, a local school of one of the team members. 

You can watch the project team videos and read more about their projects on The Changemaker Project website.

Congratulations to all of you and good luck with the implementation of your projects!