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How to Apply

We’re looking for amazing students, who are passionate about creating a better world for everyone.

Every year, UWC students:

  • Make new friends from different countries, cultures and backgrounds
  • Discover new perspectives, and challenge their own
  • Take part in activities and community initiatives 
  • Find out how to turn passion for change into action
  • Get an education that will transform their future

Are you a student looking for a different kind of education? A parent searching for a school that will energise your child? Or a teacher, seeking a place to make the most of a student’s potential?
Click one of the links below, and we’ll show you how to apply to UWC.

At UWC, we’ve committed to giving young refugees and displaced youth the quality education they deserve. If you want to apply for a scholarship - or support our efforts with time or donations - visit our UWC Refugee Initiative page. 

Have questions about the process? See our Admissions Frequently Asked Questions page.


"The striking feature of the United World Colleges is that they embrace the entire world across all divides of race, history, culture, wealth, religion, economic status and political belief."

- Nelson Mandela