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UWC Endowment Fund

Every year, UWC raises funds to provide scholarships for our students. 

Traditional scholarship funding has to be renewed annually otherwise the student scholarship ends. The UWC Endowment Fund, launched in January 2024, ensures perpetual funding for scholarships, allowing students from diverse backgrounds to access a transformative UWC education. By securing long-term scholarship funding, the Endowment Fund allows talented students worldwide to benefit from our unique education model, regardless of their financial situation. Starting with 40 million USD, we aim to grow this to 300 million USD by December 2026 and eventually to two billion USD. 

Join us in supporting future leaders by making an endowed gift to the UWC Endowment Fund to make a lasting impact.  

The UWC Endowment Fund is managed on a not-for-profit basis by UWC Endowment Management (UWCEM).