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UWC International Newsletter

1 June 2021

Read the latest UWC International Newsletter here!

In this UWC International Newsletter you will find: 

  • A message of congratulations for the amazing and resilient UWC Class of 2021;
  • An update on the recruitment for the next Executive Director of UWC International - and a plea to share the open call for applications widely;
  • The UWC schools and colleges commitment ahead of COP26;
  • The UWC Day 2021 theme;
  • The link to register for the David B. Sutcliffe Memorial Event;
  • A celebration of Phil Geier, Executive Director of the Davis-UWC Scholars Program, being awarded an honorary doctorate at Trinity College;
  • The Humans of the UWCIO;
  • An update from the UWC Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Group (ARDEI SG) of the UWC International Board;
  • The recording of the latest UWC Unlocked Community Village Meeting on the UWC Financial Model.