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UWC Pledge

Launched in 2018 to help reach the UWC movement’s strategic goal to further develop a long-term culture of giving back, the UWC Pledge is a global engagement initiative encouraging UWC alumni to pass on their UWC experience to future generations by giving back - to their national committee, their school or the wider movement - according to their circumstances, in terms of time, treasure and talent. 

  • Time - volunteering for the UWC movement, for example by joining a UWC national committee
  • Treasure - regularly donating money to the UWC movement, however little or much it might be
  • Talent - by mentoring younger alumni, facilitating a UWC short course or sharing skills, for example

How are we meeting this goal?

The UWC Pledge is introduced to students when they first begin their UWC journeys as an exploration of what it takes to keep the UWC movement going. How much money does UWC have to raise each year in order to be able to fund scholarships for all those who need them? How many volunteers does it take to select the next generation of UWC students? 

At graduation, students can then explore this commitment in more concrete terms by filling out a UWC Pledge card where they can select how they would like to pass on the UWC experience to future generations in terms of giving back their future time, treasure and talent. 

Xamantha Laos (UWC Costa Rica, 2018-2020) sums up the sense of gratitude that compelled her to sign the UWC Pledge: 


"A few days ago, a friend sent me the UWC Pledge. When I signed the document, I had a big smile on my face. I was thinking that, even if there was no such thing as the UWC Pledge, I would not forgive myself if I don't give something back to the movement at some point in my life. I mean, UWC has given me everything. It started as an educational opportunity but ended up giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. This is not only a community that takes care of you for two years.  This is a community whose commitment to their students does not have a finish line. It gave me an amazing experience, a better future, friends, family...UWC gave me a home.

I have no doubts that I will give back to the movement because, now, I do not think it is a choice, I think it is a responsibility. And yet, I know that it will never be enough considering all that UWC has given me"

- Xamantha Laos from Peru, UWC Costa Rica, 2018-2020