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UWC Pledge



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The UWC Pledge is a global engagement initiative (launched in 2018 as “Generation 2018) to reach the UWC movement’s strategic goal to “Encourage UWC alumni [...] to give to UWC according to their circumstances in terms of time, treasure and talent: Get what you need as a student and give back what you can as an alum.”

UWC International is pleased to announce that beginning with the graduating class of 2019, nearly all UWC schools and colleges will encourage their graduating students to give back to the UWC movement through the UWC Pledge: in terms of time (volunteering for the UWC movement, for example by joining a UWC National Committee), treasure (regularly donating money to the UWC movement however little or much it might be) and talent (for example by mentoring younger alumni or sharing skills). 

A UWC Pledge pledge card will be signed by graduating students at UWC schools and colleges to confirm their commitment to giving back to the UWC movement in any (or all) of these three ways. 

The Generational Circle

In order to encourage graduating students’ participation in the UWC Pledge, stakeholders across the UWC movement have created the “Generational Circle.” The Generational Circle will increase the impact of graduating students’ contributions through generous matching gifts towards one full UWC Refugee Initiative scholarship. 

The higher the level of participation in the UWC Pledge by the class of 2019, the more match funding will be pledged by the Generational Circle. This means that if 60% of the 2019 graduating class participates in the UWC Pledge, 60% of a full UWC Refugee Initiative scholarship will become available - and if every graduating student signs a UWC Pledge pledge card, they will have provided a full UWC scholarship to a student from a refugee, displaced or persecuted background.

The amount of scholarship funding released will not depend on the amount of money donated by graduating students, but rather on the number of graduating students who commit to giving (however small their donation may be, or whether it is just a commitment to give in the future).

UWC International thanks the members of the Generational Circle for their generous support of the UWC Pledge and the UWC Refugee Initiative - empowering the UWC movement’s newest members of the alumni community to pledge their valuable time, treasure and talent towards a shared goal in line with our mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.