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Open Call for Membership to the UWC Anti-Racism Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Group

6 November 2020

The following announcement was released by Maria Ines Kavamura, UWC International Board Member and Chair of the International Development Committee (IDC), and Roderick Jemison, Head of UWC ISAK Japan, on 6 November, announcing a Call for Nominations cordially inviting members of the UWC movement to nominate themselves, or others, to join the UWC Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Group (ARDEI SG).

Inclusive, equitable and intentionally diverse communities are at the heart of the UWC mission. The Hahnian vision for a peaceful and sustainable future has brought generations of diverse young people together in ways that compel them to listen, to seek, to understand, and form lifelong relationships with people who are different from themselves. This happens both organically and through intentional planning of learning experiences. It lies at the core of the UWC experience.

The killing of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 reverberated throughout the UWC movement and indeed the world. Inspired and motivated by the subsequent global protests, and by manifestations of inquietude and injustices within our institution, various stakeholders within the movement have been working together to create a means by which we can collectively take a brave step forward in becoming a truly anti-racist and equitable organization. This has so far led to the development of the UWC Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Group (ARDEI SG), a group of UWCers that are going to work towards greater representation, access, cross-movement collaboration, trust, and transparency in UWC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work. 
To make this group truly representative of the diverse perspectives that make up our movement: we are releasing this Call for Nominations, inviting you to nominate yourself or others to join the ARDEI SG by Friday, 20 November. Please help share this Call for Nominations within your networks to help us cast our net wide as we seek to assemble a group who will engage in honest conversation, deep thinking, and careful strategic planning. Our aspirational journey towards the UWC mission brings all of our schools and colleges together as a united community of changemakers who seek to ensure everyone feels seen, valued, and heard. 
Finally, we would like to show our sincere gratitude to those community members who have helped with this journey so far, including the following people who formed an initial Think Tank to critically analyse and support the work of ARDEI at UWC: Victoria Mora, President of UWC-USA; Soraya Sayed Hassen, Head of UWC Mahindra College; Chulu Chansa, UWC International Council member and Committee of National Committees representative; Erin Robinson, Middle School Principal, UWC South East Asia East; Sajjad Akhtar, Former Interim Chair of the Board, UWC South East Asia; Patrica Angoy, incoming Principal of Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa; Gauri Bhure, UWC International Council member and Committee of National Committees representative; Laura Carone, Interim Chair of the Committee of the National Committees (CNC); Andrew Foose, Member of the Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa Governing Council.  They spent countless hours in discussion, preparation, and resolution.  Also, a very special thanks to Rebecca Warren, Head of Education at UWC International, and Tamaisha Eytle, UWC International Council member and Committee of National Committees representative, whose insight, feedback, and commitment allowed us to be champions of this important initiative. We feel honoured and privileged to work with such wonderful people and be part of the larger UWC family.  

Maria Ines Kavamura
UWC International Board Member, Chair of the International Development Committee (IDC) 

Roderick Jemison
Head of UWC ISAK Japan