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UWC Community Communications Survey Results!

22 April 2021

Earlier this year, we came to you with a question: how can we at the UWC International Office communicate and engage better with the rest of the UWC community in 2021?

We wanted to hear from you on a range of topics - which communications channels resonate with you the most, what type of content you are most interested in or want to learn more about and how you would like us to share this information with you.

Lots of you gave feedback - 571 community members to be exact - from all parts of the UWC movement. This included many alumni, alongside students, national committee members & volunteers, staff members & teachers, parents and short coursers. There were many suggestions for improvement, as well as lots of love and appreciation.

In the below inforgraphic we have summed up the main things we have learnt from you, and some of the things that we plan to do and change as a result. It can of course only cover a part of your feedback, but please rest assured that we carefully read through and considered every comment that we received.  

We are so grateful you took the time to share your views and insights with us and we will do our best with the limited resources that we have available to take your suggestions into account and use them to help shape our work moving forward.