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The Fourth Year of Young Aurora Goes Ahead!

27 May 2020

It is our pleasure to announce that, amidst all the challenges posed by the current situation, 13 project teams from UWC schools and colleges and the African Leadership Academy will be taking part in Young Aurora 2020. You will find The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative’s Press Release, announcing the fantastic news, here.

Young Aurora aims to encourage, support, and showcase student-driven projects which address concrete humanitarian issues in their geographic vicinity and offer solutions through innovative and sustainable approaches. This framework allows students to first identify areas of need in their school communities and then develop meaningful ways of making a difference, while also offering the opportunity for feedback from an esteemed panel of humanitarians, world leaders and entrepreneurs. Three finalist teams will then be invited to present their projects to a final jury, this year online, for the chance to win a $4,000 grant towards the further development of their project. 

Although the current circumstances may add an extra layer of challenge to this year’s competition, they also add to the need for such student-driven projects to continue. Today, more than ever, we need young humanitarians who look beyond their own circumstances towards the larger problems they can help impact and alleviate. Young Aurora stands as a particularly inspiring and fulfilling opportunity for students to put their sense of idealism into practice and further flex their change-making muscles. We can’t wait to see what projects the students will put forward this year! 

You can read more about the next stages of Young Aurora 2020 here.