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Reporting System

We welcome any member of the UWC community or other individuals who wish to report an experience of sexual misconduct, harm, abuse or neglect to do so at any time through the UWC school or college concerned or through the safeguarding reporting mechanisms provided by UWC International.

Individuals who choose to come forward can do so knowing that we are here to listen to whatever experience they choose to share, will always take them seriously and will follow up to help ensure the safety of our whole community.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safeguarding, you can contact UWC International our Safeguarding Officer by writing to

Reporting to a UWC School or College 

As a current or former UWC student, we urge you to consider your UWC school or college as your first point of contact in the case of any safeguarding concerns. You can find information about whom to contact on each UWC school or college website. The Head of every UWC school or college can also be contacted with any concern. 

Reporting to UWC National Committees, Short Course or UWCx initiatives

The UWC Common Standards for Safeguarding aim to protect not only current UWC students as well as applicants to a UWC school or college but also participants or applicants for places at UWC Short Courses and participants in UWCx initiatives. All of these UWC entities have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) that you can report your safeguarding concern to. You can also report to any other staff or volunteer member of these entities and they will then contact their DSL.

Reporting to UWC International  

Any member of the UWC community (including students, applicants, short course participants, alumni, volunteers and staff members) and in particular those UWC community members who are not directly affiliated with a particular UWC school or college, may contact UWC International with any safeguarding concerns. 

Reporting directly to UWC International 

You can contact our Safeguarding Officer at UWC International by writing to