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Our Impact

A UWC education does more than provide a world-class academic experience. It also challenges each student to make use of what they learn to help others.

We all have a role to play in making the world better, whether that’s in our communities or on the world stage. And that doesn’t just apply to our students.

At UWC, we are always thinking about how to use our resources and networks to provide help and change where it’s needed the most. We want to make sure that a UWC education is powerful, and that its reach also spans further than the years students spend at one of our schools.

And this is why the effects of a UWC education multiply far beyond the impact it has on a single UWC student. 

Here are just a few ways in which we turn our ethos into action:

Inspiring students - We encourage our students to turn their passion for change into careers that make a difference.

Offering opportunities - Through our generous network of donors, we help provide an education for refugees and others who might otherwise have missed out on educational opportunities.

Empowering talent - We work with partners to provide funding and opportunities for transformative ideas, projects, and initiatives.

Find out more about our work below.