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Information for Organisers and Facilitators

Organising a UWC Short Course

UWC short courses are an opportunity for UWC schools and colleges, alumni, national committees and external partners to spread the UWC mission and values to a wider demographic.

If you have an idea for a theme, a venue, a team of skilled facilitators or even just the motivation to create a UWC short course - then you have taken the first step on the UWC short course organiser journey. 

The journey depicts the stages which all short course organisers go through while organising their short courses. Together with the UWC Short Course Development Initiative team, you will work your way through the required endorsement process which will help you design, plan, implement and evaluate a quality programme in line with the UWC mission and values. 

The Short Course Development Initiative (SCDI) was launched in September 2019 as a collaboration between UWC International and the UWC Spain National Committee to help support and grow the positive impact of UWC short courses around the world. The SCDI offers a myriad of educational materials, training programmes, opportunities to connect with other organisers through a mentorship programme and UWC short course conferences. 

If you want to organise your own UWC short course get in touch at


"Our key achievement was that we were able, in the end, to create a space where participants felt comfortable and accepted. It was a very welcoming and judgement-free community and this enabled participants to learn, share and form deep bonds with one another. Thanks to this atmosphere, the short course was an experience that left a lasting impact on our participants and for some changed their perspectives for the future. Many expressed that this space enabled them to learn, grow and comfortably be themselves”

- 2019 Human Rights in Action UWC Short Course Organiser

Facilitating a UWC Short Course 

One of the most important ingredients for a transformational and memorable UWC short course experience is a cohesive, skilled and enthusiastic team of facilitators.

UWC short course organisers and coordinators are responsible for recruiting and briefing a team of facilitators that reflects the diversity of their course's participants, bringing together a mix of personal backgrounds, as well as a varied set of skills, interests and knowledge-bases. 

As a short course facilitator, you are leading your participants on a journey through their personal and collective learnings, experiences and reflections.

In doing so, you'll strengthen some of these leadership skills: communication, motivation, delegation, positivity, trustworthiness, creativity, an ability to give and receive feedback, responsibility, commitment and flexibility.

Co-facilitators do not have to be based in the same country or region, and they don't have to be based in the country which will host the short course.

The Facilitator Journey pictured on the left shows how you could become a UWC short course facilitator.