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Media Kit

Media Enquiries

If you are a journalist and want to know more about UWC and our take on global education, speak with someone from a specific UWC school or get in touch with a member of our inspiring community, contact the Communications Team at UWC International:

We can provide:

  • Further details about UWC and its current initiatives
  • Interviews with current staff and students
  • Interviews with alumni and donors/supporters
  • Information and interviews regarding community and social initiatives that have sprung out of UWC
  • Additional images, videos and other media


UWC Brand assets include:

  • Logos
  • Brand guidelines
  • Videos
  • Photos from all UWC schools

Feel free to print our logos in your publication, but remember to consult our brand guidelines for appropriate usage. All of our photos are suitable for commercial publication, and those featured have given permission for use. However, in all cases where the photographer is named, please credit the photographer as follows: ‘Image credit: David Davidson Photography’. Other photos available on request.


Who We Are

UWC (United World Colleges) is a global movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC has a network of 18 international schools on four continents, with volunteer-run national committees in more than 150 countries and territories. Today, 11,647 students from over 155 countries attend UWC schools*. 

UWC offers a challenging educational experience to a deliberately diverse group of students. It complements the high academic standards delivered through the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) by placing a high value on experiential learning, community service and outdoor activities.

Admission to a UWC school is independent of socio-economic means, with over 80% of IBDP students selected by a UWC national committee receiving full or partial financial support.

Since the foundation of the first UWC college in 1962, UWC has inspired a network of more than 60,000 alumni worldwide, who remain engaged with the UWC movement and committed to creating a more sustainable and peaceful world. 

Check our History page to learn more about UWC and how it came about. 

*Data from UWC Annual Review 2022. 

Key Facts

  • education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela18 international boarding schools on 4 continents
  • Founded by Kurt Hahn in 1962 
  • President of UWC: HM Queen Noor of Jordan
  • Former Presidents of UWC: Nelson Mandela, HM King Charles III, Lord Mountbatten 
  • True diversity: Students from all over the world, all backgrounds and walks of life - from refugees to royalty 
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is the formal academic curriculum, which UWC contributed to develop.
  • >4,000 volunteers in >155 countries select UWC students locally
  • # of students at UWC in 2021: 10,987 (4,946 in the IBDP years)
  • Financial aid: 84% of national committee selected IBDP students on a scholarship in 2021
  • >60,000 alumni worldwide, including Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada; Jostein Solheim, former CEO of Ben & Jerry's; Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands; Juan Pablo Di Pace, actor, director and singer; Akihiko Hoshide, astronaut; Anne Enright, author. 
  • Pathway to university: The Davis United World College (UWC) Scholars Program is the largest international scholarship programme for undergraduates in the world. 
  • More data is available in the 2021 UWC International Annual Review

What others say about us

“In today's social landscape, where we are witnessing the re-emergence of alt-right groups, the seemingly never-ending rise of extremist groups, and an increasingly-out of touch governments introducing misplaced anti-terror schemes, surely it's never been more important to have diversity in our schools, to ensure our future leaders are open-minded and well-informed.” - Huffington Post 

“It made me feel responsible for my own future’: The life of a third generation Tibetan refugee. A fortuitous online search led her to find a high school, the United World Colleges (UWC), which places international students in its network of campuses across the world.” - BBC 

“Under an astonishing sun at the beginning of February, in the school courtyard, the teenager cannot hide her joy of studying in this establishment. Joining one of the 18 UWC schools around the world (in Costa Rica, Tanzania, Japan or even India) makes more than a young French person dream.” - Le Figaro

“A school that could be an anachronism thrives in the age of Trump.” -  Forbes

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