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2018 UWC Photo Contest Winners!

11 December 2018

UWC International is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 UWC movement-wide Photo Contest!

Over 100 photos were submitted to the second annual UWC Photo Contest - from UWCers of all different ages and nationalities across the UWC movement. After much deliberation by the team at UWC International, four winning photos were selected in four different categories. 

Take a look at the winning photos (and some of our other favourite entries) below:

Best Portrait

Cristina (Costa Rica, UWC Changshu China, 2018-2020)

"This picture was taken during Project Week in China where we taught in schools for a week, which was a way for us to interact with the community. In this class we taught the kids UWC values, how these values unite the world and ways that they can practice them."

Best Action Photo 

Alexander Thomas (India, UWC Mahindra College, 2016-2018)

Project Week in Northern India

Best Group Photo 

Jin A (South Korea, Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA 2019)

"This is a picture which I took during my IB1 Orientation week, earlier this year. That week marked not only my own but also a new beginning for my IB1 classmates. Together we headed towards the same goal, together we reached the top and together we aim to inspire change in this world."
Best Landscape 

Arvin Singh Dang (UWC South East Asia, 2001-2003; UWC Mahindra College faculty/staff, 2012-2018)

A team from UWC Mahindra College set out on an unsupported expedition in the Himalayas this summer, aiming to climb three mountains. “They experienced every emotion, many hardships, some character-shaking failures, and ultimately a beautiful, affirming triumph,” says Arvin. “Bella (Denmark), Sigrid (Norway), Tom (UK), Aldo (Mexico), Ryoji (Japan), and Jasmin (Finland), led by outgoing second years Clara (Italy & Denmark) and Phoebe (Canada), looked after each other for 18 days in a really authentically challenging environment, dreaming big and chasing down those dreams with a respectful but strong determination. I’ve worked with many amazing students but this experience blew my mind. And three mountains, each 20,000 feet high, were nice enough to let us up - this may well be a first among high schools anywhere."
Honourable Mentions

Margrete (UWC Red Cross Nordic, 2017-2019)

"This is a photo of Ana, one of my first years, enjoying the first frost at UWCRCN. Through her beautiful smile and energy she inspires change for me and many other co-students."


Xiaole (UWC Changshu China, 2018-2020)

"Have you ever seen the sunrise at Yushan academy? It is beautiful! Just wake up an hour earlier and jog around the school, and this is how beautiful our school is in the peaceful morning."


Hope (UWC Maastricht 2018.-2020)

"The thing that makes today special and impressive is people. Diversity makes changes."