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May 2016

  • City of Thorns Event

    Published 19/05/16
    The UWC movement has been committed to supporting refugees in many different ways for years - including providing scholarships to refugee students and UWC schools and colleges being actively engaged with local refugee initiatives. While the last mont
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  • UWC Alumni Living the Mission

    Published 11/05/16
    Central to the ethos of UWC is the belief that a UWC education is the beginning of a lifelong journey guided by the UWC mission to contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable future. The over 55,000 UWC alumni worldwide demonstrate in various ways
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  • Go Make a Difference!

    Published 05/05/16
    Back in 2001, a UWC Atlantic College alumna and her husband had an idea: why not create a system that will allow students from UWC AC to gain that extra bit of support to get their projects off the ground? The concept was simple: every year, they
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