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Application Inspiration

September 2018

  • Boarding school: it isn't what you think

    Published 25/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    You wake up in a musty, dark dormitory. It's a bit cold, and you're surrounded by paintings and decor from hundreds of years ago. You've got another long day of studying ahead, in creaking classrooms, surrounded by people that look and sound just like you.

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  • How to have an impact on the world while you’re still studying

    Published 20/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    This is where it all starts.

    You're young. You're passionate. You're full of ideas. And you know it can be done.

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  • Parent’s Guide to the IB Diploma

    Published 18/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    Being a parent is full of choices. And it's time for another one.

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  • Tips for getting winning references for your UWC application

    Published 12/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    As you work your way through the application to join a UWC school or college, depending on the application process that you're following you may be asked to provide references from both an academic referee and a non-academic referee.

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  • What is it like to be a parent of an international school student?

    Published 11/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    So your child wants to attend a global international school. You have lots of questions and a few concerns. What will put your mind at ease?

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  • How To Ready Your Teenager for A Lifetime of Change

    Published 03/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    How well does your teenager handle change?

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