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UWC Global Selection Programme (GSP)

The UWC Global Selection Programme is an application route for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for a limited number of places at some UWCs. Currently, you can apply to 16 of the 18 UWC international schools and colleges via this route.

The Global Selection Programme (GSP) is designed for candidates who wish to forgo financial assistance. At most UWC schools and colleges, the academic year begins in August. The exception to this rule is Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa, where the academic year begins in January.

You can find information about our school fees here. If you need a scholarship to attend UWC, please have a look at the UWC national committee entry-route, as described in this section.

The Global Selection Programme is coordinated by UWC International in close cooperation with UWC schools, colleges and the UWC national committees. Selections are carried out by experienced UWC selection volunteers.

Information on how to apply to UWC via the UWC Global Selection Programme for entry 2021 will be made available soon. 


Global Selection Programme applications are shortlisted on an ongoing basis - the sooner you complete and submit your application, the sooner you will know whether you will be invited to the second round (online) interviews. We invite shortlisted applicants to online interviews within 5 days of receiving your application and places at schools are offered to successful students within two weeks of those interviews.

You might also wish to explore the UWC national committee application route for the IBDP programme.


If needed, please contact