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Three reasons to take part in a UWC short course

25 February 2019

How early in the year do you usually start planning for the holidays?

If you're a busy high school student it's not unusual to wait until the holiday is almost here before you make firm plans. But considering your options now could help you find an adventure that shapes your future for years to come.

UWC offers short courses in multiple locations during school vacations, that offer young people from all over the world a taste of what it's like to be a UWC student.

So why would you apply for UWC short courses?

They offer a meaningful way to explore the world

If you have a thirst for other cultures and curiosity to explore the world our short courses take place in multiple locations. Many are built around themes related to the mission of UWC, such as sustainability, peacemaking and the creative arts.

Attending a short course could sharpen your vision and help you decide how to use the coming years to grow as a global citizen.

You'll grow as a leader and a change-maker

Do you already have ideas about how you want to make a difference in the world? Are you craving a community of people who inspire and encourage you to pursue your dreams?

Maybe you're passionate about doing something meaningful with your life but you've yet to find a cause that captures your imagination.

Our short courses gather change-makers from all over the world. They provide an environment and an experience that will help you discover how to overcome obstacles through collaboration and commitment.

By choosing a UWC short course you'll become part of a new community of friends who see the world in different ways but share your passion and will stretch your thinking.

Invest in your long-term future

Whether you have a clear picture of the future you want in education and beyond, or you're still figuring that out, use them to move closer to those goals.

Your next few years are likely to involve various application processes, whether to educational institutions or to the career you want to pursue. In both circumstances, whoever receives your application will notice the opportunities you took advantage of beyond the classroom.

What kind of challenges did you take on? How are your values and passions reflected in the way you invested your time?

If you choose to take part in a UWC short course, you'll leave with experiences you can use in the coming years. You'll grow as a person, because that's what happens to people who place themselves in new environments with different kinds of people.

If you're still not convinced, let some of our short course graduates tell you what it's like to attend a UWC short course.

Ready to plan your vacation adventure?

Visit Current Short Courses to find out about each of this year’s courses and how to apply.