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Application Deadlines

When should applications to UWC take place?

For entry in 2020 (January 2021 at Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA) there are currently no upcoming deadlines for applications via the UWC national committee route. Applications via the UWC Global Selection Programme route are still possible and fully conducted online. 

Dates for entry 2021 applications are still to be confirmed, but for your reference, you can find below the country-specific information based on 2020 application dates.

Please remember that a candidate may only submit one application per year to study the IB Diploma Programme at UWC. You may not apply through two different UWC national committees or through a UWC national committee and the UWC Global Selection Programme concurrently.

What steps should I take next?

Now that you know if this is the right time to apply, go ahead and contact your UWC national committee or just go ahead and start your application right here:


Too early for you to apply? Keep the next selection cycles dates in mind!

Application deadlines 2021-2023:

July 2020
Brazil (tbc) Mexico    
August 2020 (tbc)
Argentina Colombia Nepal Refugees from Western Sahara 
September 2020 (tbc)
Costa Rica     Ghana Paraguay Singapore
Timor-Leste Uruguay    
October 2020 (tbc)
Albania Austria Bangladesh Estonia
Great Britain Guatemala India Liberia
Nigeria Panama Peru Philippines
Poland Syria Taiwan Tunisia
Ukraine USA Venezuela Vietnam


November 2020 (tbc)
Armenia Belarus Canada Georgia
Hong Kong SAR Iraq Italy Japan
Nicaragua Palestinian Camps in Lebanon Russian Federation Sierra Leone
Somalia Spain Switzerland Uzbekistan
December 2020 (tbc)
Angola Belgium Belize Cameroon
China Democratic Republic of Congo Ecuador Egypt
Federated States of Micronesia Germany Jordan Kazakhstan
Kiribati Kyrgyz Republic Macedonia Malta
Marshall Islands
Moldova Morocco Pakistan
Palestine Rwanda Senegal Serbia
South Sudan Togo    
January 2021 (tbc)
Australia Bahamas Barbados Bermuda
Bolivia Bulgaria Burkina Faso     Cambodia
Chile Czech Republic     Denmark Ethiopia
Finland France Greece Haiti    
Hungary Indonesia Ireland Israel
Jamaica Kenya Kosovo Lao PDR
Latvia Lebanon Libya Luxembourg
Madagascar​​​​​​​ Malaysia​​​​​​​ Maldives​​​​​​​ Mozambique​​​​​​​
Myanmar​​​​​​​ Netherlands​​​​​​​ New Zealand Niger
Northern Ireland ​​​​​​​ Norway​​​​​​​ Portugal​​​​​​​ Romania​​​​​​​
Slovakia​​​​​​​ Slovenia Somaliland South Africa       ​​​​​​​
Tajikistan     Thailand Turkey  
February 2021 (tbc)
Bhutan Bosnia and Herzegovina Cayman Islands Congo Brazzaville
Côte d’Ivoire Dominican Republic GCC Greenland
Guyana Honduras Korea Lesotho
Lithuania Malawi Mauritius Mongolia
Namibia Oman Sri Lanka Tanzania
Trinidad and Tobago Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
March 2021 (tbc)
Benin Eswatini Montenegro Uganda