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  • How can I give my application to UWC my best shot?

    Published 16/08/18, by Amelia Redmond

    An application to study at a UWC school is the first step in a life-changing experience. Not just life-changing for you, but also for those whose lives you will impact during and after your time as a UWC student.

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  • Sharing your passions: how hobbies and interests can make your application form shine

    Published 16/08/18, by Amelia Redmond
    We make no secret of the fact that two years studying at a UWC school towards the IB Diploma is a challenging experience. The UWC experience demands much more of our students than academic study alone. In addition to following a rigorous curriculu
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  • How to get offered a place at the world's best boarding schools

    Published 08/08/18, by Amelia Redmond

    Getting into one of the world's best boarding schools is undoubtedly an achievement of which anyone should be proud. But often the best schools are looking for so much more than outstanding academic grades or proof that you can afford the school fees. In this post we consider what the "best" actually looks like for you, and how to maximise your chances of being offered a place.

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  • What can you do now to make your future university application stand out?

    Published 30/07/18, by Clara Cruz

    For many students, attending a top university is a crucial step between finishing high school and starting on an exciting life. But getting into the best university for you doesn't begin with the application form. In this post we explore what you can do in the years leading up to your university application to make sure that you shine and get into the university of your dreams.

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  • Beyond the rankings: how to find the best international school for your child

    Published 24/07/18, by Clara Cruz

    When it comes to choosing an international school for your child, you might be tempted to turn straight to in-country rankings to seek out the top of the table. But since international schools are all wildly different to one another, we take a closer look at factors that can make all the difference.

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  • When you need a new challenge in and out of class, what are the alternatives to your current school?

    Published 18/07/18, by Clara Cruz

    When you need a new challenge, or to broaden your horizons, what alternatives to your current school are available, and what's the right approach for you?

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