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Malcolm McKenzie

24 March 2017

Interim Head of UWC ISAK Japan

Malcolm is South African by birth, but considers himself a citizen of many countries by inclination and through lived experience. He has enjoyed a thrilling and, service-focused career in education, teaching at universities and schools on four continents. He has also led a number of boarding schools in Botswana, the USA, the UK, and China.  From 2000 to 2007, Malcolm was Principal of UWC Atlantic in Wales, UK. Malcolm loves the energy of learning institutions, and the capacity that they have to create and sustain communities that are courteous, collegial, and full of character. He believes that in these ways, schools can be emblems of hope for our fractured world.

Malcolm came to UWC ISAK Japan as he found it to be an utterly compelling school. He finds the combination of a fully residential international school in Japan, with membership of the United World Colleges movement, located on the slopes of Mount Asama in Karuizawa, to be both magical and majestic. And says that If you were to come as a student, as a parent, as an employee, even as a visitor, you would fall under that same spell.