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  • Parent’s Guide to the IB Diploma

    Published 18/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    Being a parent is full of choices. And it's time for another one.

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  • What is it like to be a parent of an international school student?

    Published 11/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    So your child wants to attend a global international school. You have lots of questions and a few concerns. What will put your mind at ease?

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  • How To Ready Your Teenager for A Lifetime of Change

    Published 03/09/18, by Clara Cruz

    How well does your teenager handle change?

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  • Beyond the rankings: how to find the best international school for your child

    Published 24/07/18, by Clara Cruz

    When it comes to choosing an international school for your child, you might be tempted to turn straight to in-country rankings to seek out the top of the table. But since international schools are all wildly different to one another, we take a closer look at factors that can make all the difference.

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