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UWC recognises that a UWC education is not an end in itself but a means to an end. We value the great commitment of the UWC community to acts of service, innovation and outreach around the UWC mission. UWCx aims to further support and encourage this commitment - and help expand UWC’s reach and impact.

UWCx  provides a tool to recognise, support, connect and publicise initiatives that help UWC achieve its mission of creating a more peaceful and sustainable future. Such initiatives may come in many different forms: a not-for-profit organisation, a city alumni group or a global interest group.

We also offer the opportunity for one-off events that further the UWC values and mission to obtain the UWCx event brand. Anyone can run a UWCx initiative – whether you’re an alumnus, staff member, parent, volunteer or a friend of UWC.
To find out how you can apply to become a  UWCx initiative and for any other questions you have around UWCx, please see our:

Please note that we cannot accept any more applications for UWCx initiatives or UWCx events for the time being. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and can't wait to hear about your projects in the future! 

In the meantime, be inspired by the UWCx accredited initiatives below!