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UWC for Afghan Youth

The dramatic events happening in Afghanistan have shaken all of us. Like many of the countless humanitarian crises we are witnessing, we know that this will bring enormous repercussions on the possibility for youth—especially girls—to get access to education. Even those that manage to flee their homes will face great challenges and uncertainties in the future.

To look towards the future and show our commitment to education, we have decided to fundraise for up to 20 additional places for Afghan students to study at UWC.

The opportunity to study is a crucial stepping stone for young people to build a better future for themselves and their communities. As an organisation with a mission to make education a force for peace, we have been working for years to support youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, including refugees and internally displaced people, giving them access to a quality education and a personal and academic sanctuary.

Current events in Afghanistan now urge us to do more. And we will do that the best way we know how: through our education system and our resources. But to reach our goal we need your help.

We invite all UWC community members, UWC friends and anyone who believes in the power of education to donate today and help us fund these scholarships. Any contribution, however small, will bring us one step closer to offering a life-changing opportunity to young people - and will demonstrate how many people worldwide stand for access to education. 

To donate, go to:

You can also donate directly to the individual appeal pages that some of our schools have created to receive donations contributing to this appeal.

You can learn more about the UWC for Afghan Youth Appeal in the brochure below, or by contacting Lachlan Keen at

Thank you for supporting the next generation of Afghan students at UWC. 

Students Eligibility

If you are interested in applying to UWC and benefitting from one of the 20 scholarships for Afghan youth, or if you know someone who would, please note that eligible applicants must:

  • Be 15-17 years old at the time of application 
  • Live in Afghanistan, or have an Afghan citizenship while living elsewhere in the world. 

To prove your citizenship, you will be asked to provide:

  • A copy of your Tazkira national identity card and/or a valid Afghan passport; 
  • Or a refugee document issued by your host country that confirms your Afghan nationality.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, but don’t have the necessary documentation to prove your nationality or to travel at the moment, we still encourage you to apply. UWC receives technical advice and support from refugee-focused organisations, and may be able to support you in obtaining documentation and visas; however we can make no guarantees that you will receive a visa.

Please note, if you are a permanent resident or a citizen of another country other than Afghanistan, you are not qualified to apply through the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan. Please apply through the national committee of the country where you are a citizen or have permanent residency. 

You can find further information about the eligibility criteria by clicking the button below.

Applications are Open!

Afghan students can now apply to study at UWC and start their journey in August/September 2022 (January 2023 in the case of Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa).

Applications will be open until 15 December 2021.

The application and selection process is run by the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan and is conducted entirely online. This means that you don’t have to worry about logistics: you can apply and, if invited, you can attend interviews from wherever you are in the world.