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​​​​​​​Students & Alumni Testimonials

Daily life at a UWC school or college can be joyful, stressful, stimulating and busy - often all at the same time. Whether it’s the first time a student lives away from home or they have years of boarding school experience under their belt, they will find living at a UWC is unique.

Affiliations are formed in every way imaginable: in addition to having roommates and country mates, students will have wall mates (classmates who live in the room next door), region mates, and dorm mates. There are hundreds of ways to form a family! Days will be filled with stimulating classes, eye-opening community engagement projects, adventurous activities and trips, and rich dialogues centered on politics, identity, cultural perspectives (which might go until the later hours of the night), and much more.

Hear more directly from current and former UWC students. 

July 2022

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