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Gabriel Ricardo Sorondo Guirola

21 November 2019

UWC Mahindra College, Venezuela (2018-2019)

Gabriel Sorondo was one of 11 students chosen out of 521 applicants from all over Venezuela to attend UWC in 2017. A bright young man from inner-city Caracas, he cares deeply about the political situation in his country and saw UWC as an important step in his education to be a changemaker.

Gabriel says, “At MUWCI, I found my passion for theater developed in a way that I had not even expected. I came from a background where theater was dismissed as a worthless pursuit. I have found myself erasing the prejudices of society and moving in the direction of what I love. Whether it was during class, theater season, or during any moment that allowed me to use theatre, I found myself being truly in my element. I want to use this art form that has helped me grow so immensely as a tool for the people of Venezuela to heal their pain and to overcome their oppression.

I am currently at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut where I have been granted a full scholarship. I plan to pursue either a Theater or Psychology major in order to develop the passion for these subjects that I found at MUWCI. I continue living the UWC mission even after graduation as the movement is truly something that those who haven’t had an easy path in life need to be able to access. Once again, I am extremely grateful to Shelby Davis for making this dream possible.”