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Aaliya AbdulRazzak Mulla​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

16 August 2019

India, UWC South East Asia (2018-2020)

Studying in an International community, travelling and having international friends have always been a dream. If I had to describe my journey I would describe it as a  roller coaster ride. A journey is full of excitement, fun, ups and down. I remember coming here along gut will be going with back with a lot of friends and memories. I still remember crying on the very first day when I arrived here because for me a cultural shock but now slowly slowly falling in love with this place. It's a journey of self-realization where you realize that what is right or wrong, your strength or your weakness as you are an independent individual in such a diverse and big community. I have also learnt that appreciating and loving yourself is the most important thing as it gives you internal peace and reflects on your personality as well as things you do. I think my journey has been transformational. I have learnt so much about the so many cultures as well as have taught people about people’s culture. Hence I feel I have started loving my country, people and everyone around me more. I feel every day I am learning and becoming a better person.