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Karine Kambou

12 September 2018

Cameroon, UWC Thailand (2017-2019)

"Coming to UWCT was one of the greatest opportunities for me to take advantage of the chances the world has to offer and know more about people from across the globe.

I love exploring themes of war and injustice, what brings happiness and joy to people and people’s views on religion. I want to know what brought people to this school and how they feel it has changed them. I hope that through this movement I will be able to discover these stories and views that we share in our community.

I fear war. In a world that is filled with diversity and culture, we seem to be living in history when it comes to this aspect of humanity. On so many occasions we see the victimisation of people that results in the separation of families, children being orphaned, veterans suffering from PTSD etc. I believe that the root cause of war lies with humans inability to accept differences. It’s so important that we as global citizens learn that we are more similar than we think, and if we learn to do this, all this unnecessary war can be prevented.”