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11 September 2018

Cayman Islands, UWC Maastricht (2017-2019)

Courtney, 18 years old, is a second year from Cayman Islands whose interest lies, among others, in sustainability! She is one of the main organisers of the traditional YES (Youth Environment Sustainability) conference and she also volunteers at the Green Office of Maastricht University which researches and promotes sustainability across the various faculties.

"I am excited to be at UWC because it creates the opportunity to expand your knowledge about other countries and cultures. This year I aim to improve my language acquisition skills, so I can communicate with people in their mother tongue as I believe this will be a rewarding experience within itself. UWC provides an excellent opportunity for you give back to the global community, through student lead initiatives that aspire to make change in communities that need support. As a result I am most excited support the initiates and students in any way I can, and play my role in making a change."