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11 September 2018

Iraq, UWC Adriatic (2017-2019)

Dler is a 19-year-old second year from Northern Iraq and is an IDP student from the Ezidi minority in Sinjar. His family, like the whole local community, was strongly affected by the Islamic State attacks on the city.

At UWC Adriatic, Dler has distinguished himself for his genuine enthusiasm for UWC values and is involved in multiple initiatives and activities. In his first year Dler was a member of the Student Foundation (which support the needs of the UWCAD student community as well as people in need outside the College), and took up photography and orienteering. This year he is one of the Student Foundation leaders and will be an enthusiastic soccer player and member of the UWCAD Model UN team. Following last year’s training he will also be on the College Peer Supporter and Health Educator team. Dler is a committed member of the Politics Student Council and actively contributes to the Communications College Service. He will be one of the UWCAD speakers at the YIC – Youth Inspire Change conference in Trieste on 22 September 2018.

“UWC has completely turned my life around by giving me a fresh new start when I needed it the most. At UWCAD I have the opportunity to get a quality education while also learning 24/7 from a beautiful and amazingly diverse community of friends and teachers from all over the world. My aim for this last year is to do as well as I possibly can in my studies while continuing to grow and develop as a person, thanks to the warmth, support and friendship of my extended UWC family.”