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11 September 2018

China, UWC Changshu China (2017-2020)

Jun, from China, is 15 years old and a student in the foundation year programme at UWC Changshu China.

"I come from Suzhou, China. When I was born, I couldn't hear anything. With the help of a hearing aid and my mom’s efforts, I underwent 4 years of hard rehabilitation training and eventually overcame this challenge and could study at school with other kids. I hope that I can do something to help more kids like me to overcome obstacles.

The reason why I am so excited to be at UWC - known around the world as such an amazing school - is that it provides me an opportunity  to make friends with outstanding peers from different cultures and develop a deeper understanding of the world. At UWC, I am able to explore my potential and contribute to the community."