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11 September 2018

Kazakhstan, UWC Atlantic College (2017-2019)

Aruzhan has always had a passion for Global Politics, and when she leaves AC she wishes to chase a career in international relations. When she heard about the UWC movement, Aruzhan immediately empathised with the mission and values. When she arrived at Atlantic College and the smiling and waving second years were waiting to greet her, she says she knew she had "come to the right place." Aruzhan is now a second year. she was so excited to return after summer break that she asked her mum if she could come back early. She is currently very happy to be back at UWC and says she enjoys planning events such as the Atlantic Banquet and UWC Day.

"No matter how many beautiful words and literary devices you use, it's never enough to describe the UWC life we get to experience here."