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Marta Inga Bobiatyńska​​​​​​​

24 September 2018

IB Diploma Co-ordinator, Part Time Geography Teacher

Marta, from Poland, has been teaching IB DP Geography since 2004, primarily at the IB schools in Poland and Netherlands, where she was also a CAS Coordinator. Before joining UWC Dilijan College in August 2017, Marta worked in various leadership positions at international schools in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, where her responsibilities included: leading a school community through the accreditation process (IB, NEASC) and serving as the institutional leader in terms of public relations, strategic planning, community service and student admissions. Marta is a certified IBDP workshop leader, 5 year school review and CAS evaluation report reader. She was involved in the promotion of the IB Diploma Programme recognition by the Polish universities and by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education. She participated in the Fulbright Commission's and US Department of State the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program at the George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. For a brief moment Marta also worked as the Research Assistant at the Educational Research Institute of the Polish Ministry of Education.


"Why do I teach at UWC Dilijan? Because I enjoy working and living in a truly international community located in a country on the edge of Europe and Asia."

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