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Denise Davidson

27 March 2017

Head of UWC Dilijan

Denise Davidson was Head of Gateways School in Leeds (UK) for 12 years, Deputy Head of Mount St Mary's School near Sheffield and Senior Mistress of Oundle Public School. She has brought to UWC Dilijan nearly 40 years of experience working in and inspecting schools and colleges in the UK and involvement in education at an international level.


“It’s not surprising that UWC education attracts idealistic leaders. Students leave their homes and families and travel to a new country to live and work with strangers from different parts of the world. They are expected to succeed with a rigorous academic curriculum whilst upholding a positive worldview! At the same time co-existing with fellow students of many different cultures. These are the basic characteristics of a leader: courageous, ready to take on new challenges, open-minded and accepting of all cultures and religions; encouraging, recognizing the good in their fellow human beings; unprejudiced and always aware of the diversity of the world in which we live.”

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