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Pelham Lindfield Roberts

27 March 2017

Head of UWC Mahindra College

Pelham began his association with the UWC movement at UWC Atlantic College, where he taught Peace and Conflict Studies. He has since headed IB schools in Europe, Africa and North America. At UWC Mahindra, he is known for his passion for bringing the UWC Mission to life within and beyond the IB, the classroom, and students’ time at UWC. He champions curriculum innovation through programmes like the Project Based Diploma (PBD), People Nations and Culture (PNC) and Systems Thinking, and has conceived UWC Mahindra’s Vision 2022 to enhance the College’s role as a pioneer of 21st century education.

More informally, Pelham is deeply engaged in campus sports and can often be spotted participating in various on and off campus sporting events with students. At the recent UWC Congress, Pelham spoke about how the UWC movement can stay true to its founding values while preparing students for the novel challenges that will face them in this century.


“It is our responsibility to envision the role that education has to play in our changing world, and to empower our students to not only be up to its many challenges but be forces for peace and sustainability in shaping a better future.”

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