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Ben Gillock

27 March 2017

Environmental Systems and Societies Teacher, Advisor to gardening, composting, and recycling programs, UWC-USA

Ben teaches Environmental Systems and Societies at UWC-USA and also advises the Agroecology Research Center, a 20 acre farm adjacent to the campus where students conduct research and grow some of the food we eat. “The mission is why I work at UWC-USA,” says Gillock.


“We are not just an international prep school. I feel like I am working for a more peaceful and sustainable world every day, in my small way. Peace and sustainability are not destinations or accomplishments; they are processes of learning and growth—continual self- and social-improvement. We try to engage in these processes here, and prepare our students to engage the world in these processes when they leave.”

Gillock also works closely with the Bartos Institute for Constructive Engagement of Conflict and directs student orientation trips in the nearby Pecos Wilderness.