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Antoinette Blain

24 March 2017

Head of the Arts Department, Visual Arts and Design Technology Teacher, Tutor for Diploma Programme students, UWC Maastricht

Antoinette is mixed race British/African and grew up in London. She studied fashion and textile design in Manchester. She then worked in the fashion business for three years but eventually opted for postgraduate teacher training, with a specialisation in Fine Arts, at Goldsmiths College in London. Her teaching career developed in that city until she moved to the Netherlands with her family in 2010. She joined UWC Maastricht in its first academic year of existence to do a part time job as Design Technology teacher, at the time when it was introduced to the Middle Years Programme, and to cover a maternity leave in the Arts Department. Within three months she had a full-time permanent job due to the expansion of the school. At times, she has also headed the staff association at the school. Her older daughter belongs to the first graduating class of UWC Maastricht and her son is in MYP2.


“I think the idealism of the movement is really important, something has to drive that forward, about educating different people, different kids together about peace in the future… I think that really does work. People leave and stay in touch and have that concept of empathy, of what happens to other people. This idealism also makes our students such a pleasure to work with.”