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Sarah Hamilton

24 March 2017

Houseparent and Director of Boarding, UWC Atlantic College

Having worked in the hospitality and recruitment industries, Sarah has discovered that being a Houseparent in a boarding school couldn’t be more different! Being originally from Cornwall, she has lived at Atlantic College for several years, with her husband Mark, who previously was the Houseparent of a programme based at the seafront for local children with behavioural issues. Now as Houseparent, having 52 different individuals from all over the world living together under one roof can be challenging, but never boring! Creating a home away from home for the students is exciting and her daughter, Martha who is now 12, has really benefited from interacting with motivated young role models who all have a different story to tell. As Director of Boarding, Sarah feels that having a direct impact on the ongoing wellbeing of students and their very busy lives is a huge privilege.


“A previous student once said that I ran Sunley House with ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’ and this, I feel, underpins my role. ‘UWC makes education a force…’ and education can be in many forms including equipping young people with the skills and resilience they need to negotiate their path through life whilst keeping themselves well and happy.”

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