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Mike Antony Price

24 March 2017

Rettore of UWC Adriatic

Mike Antony Price was born and raised pretty much in the absence of diversity in North Yorkshire, England. The study of Zoology and then Parasitology exposed him to the notion of many right solutions existing for the same problem, all of which should be accepted without prejudice.

After 13 years of teaching Biology in the UK he ventured to Jakarta, Indonesia, to be Head of Science in the British International School and from there moved to Buenos Aires Argentina as founding Head of a Science Maths and Technology College. Mike was accepted into the UWC family as Principal of High School Curriculum and Staffing in UWCSEA in Singapore.

After progressing to Deputy Head at UWCSEA, Mike's quest for experiencing diversity (this time within the UWC movement) took him to UWC Adriatic in August 2010 as Deputy Head and Director of Studies. He was appointed Rettore of UWC Adriatic from 14th February 2012.


“I was attracted to work in UWCs by the courageous nature of a UWC education and the courageous people who are developed by it. Educating young people to avoid prejudice and treat others with respect whilst still having the critical skills to distinguish right from wrong seemed to be the most valuable role I could take up in the world. Recent global events have only strengthened my view on this.”