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Clint Kuzio

29 November 2017

Indigenous Educator, Advisor and Coordinator of Reconciliation Programming of Students, Pearson College UWC

Pearson College UWC’s first–ever Indigenous Educator, Advisor and Coordinator of Reconciliation Programming, Clint Kuzio rejoined the College as a faculty member in August 2016. Clint (Canada, Pearson College UWC 1987-1989) teaches Theory of Knowledge classes and works with all students and College community members to increase understanding of Indigenous issues and to engage Indigenous experience and perspectives in our academic and experiential programming. Of Cree First Nations ancestry, Clint is uniquely qualified for this role. A lawyer, teacher, and public servant, here in B.C., he brought a wealth of real-world and relevant experience, including teaching history at UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway. Through his various careers he has always focused on improving the lives of Indigenous people. Clint is an active and involved local resident, living nearby the College with his wife, Dr. Ilka Thiessen, (Germany, Pearson College UWC 1986-1988).