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UWC Day - UWC Taiwan

20 September 2020

20 September

UWC Taiwan invites you to join our Beach Clean Up event in Tamsui (New Taipei City),Wai'ao (Toucheng Township, Yilan County) and Cijin (Kaohsiung City). Inspired by the idea that "United We Can," volunteers will come together on the same day at three locations (Tamsui, Wai'ao, and Cijin) to clean Taiwan's beautiful coastline in order to raise awareness about environmental conservation and responsibility in Taiwan. This event is free, open to the public, and proudly brought to you by the UWC Taiwan National Committee, ParkBus Taiwan, and Taiwan NextGen Foundation. 

Find out more about the events: 

Tamsui (New Taipei City)

Wai'ao (Toucheng Township, Yilan County)

Cijin (Kaohsiung City)