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UWC Day - UWC South East Asia (East Campus)

16 September 2022

16 - 21 September 2022

UWC SEA (East Campus) will be starting off its UWC Day 2022 celebrations with some whole school buddy activities connecting different parts of the school. There will also be different food options representing the countries that host other UWC's. Musical, circus, and gymnastics performances will take place in the plaza at break and lunch. We've also got Spirit Days planned leading up to it!

Friday 16 September is Dragons Day; all students and staff can show their school spirit by wearing their dragons gear with pride!

Tuesday 20 September is Sustainability Day; Middle and High School students will be asked by mentors to bring in and design old t-shirts in advance for this day. Check with your mentor for the design day. Primary school will also be celebrating in their own way. Stay tuned!

Wednesday 21 September is the big one: Cultural Dress Day! This is a returning theme for UWC Day and one which allows all students and staff to show their national and cultural background.