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UWC Day - UWC Red Cross Nordic

21 September 2021

21 September

UWC Day at RCN 2021: Reimagine Tomorrow! 

11:20-12:20 Reimagine Tomorrow. Why this? Why now? 
- Music Intro 
- Pål Gran Kielland Scientific leader, Norwegian Glacier Museum): Changing glaciers 

12:20-13:30 Lunch, Canteen 

13:30-16:20 Reimagining Tomorrow - and Beyond: Workshops 
- What future can I imagine for tomorrow? 
- What future can I imagine in 50 years? 
- What future can I imagine beyond this? 

16:30-17:30 Reimagining the Future of Language 
Adrian Cussins (Professor of philosophy at NTNu and National University of Colombia): How can human beings understand each other more deeply? In the Auditorium 

17:40-19:00 Festive UWC Day dinner, in national costumes, Canteen 

19:30-22:30 A Celebration of our Reimagined Future 
- Concert by the musicians 
- Vegan Cafe 
- Humanitarian project stand 
- Open Mic night - the future as expressed in our cultural traditions (music, poetry) and the sharing of our visions for the future 
- Photo Booth 

22:00 Grand Finale: “Imagine”