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UWC Day - UWC Haiti

21 September 2020

21 September 05:30 - 07:00pm EST

It's a virtual gathering with UWC Haitian Alums, national committee and UWC current students from Haiti who are all across the world.
The event will begin with a short introduction from alum and current students, that intro will be followed by updates from the Haitian national committee, and together everyone in the virtual room will be reflecting on what UWC means for them and the UWC values that shape their lives (personal and professional) today. The National committee will also announce the starting day of the selection process this year and the admission criteria for anyone who is interested and eligible for UWC. Please note that this event will be on zoom but it will also be streamed live on the facebook page (UWC Haiti). We will be answering questions from the public during the event. If anyone has a question, feel free to comment under the facebook live event and will be happy to answer them.

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