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UWC Day - UWC East Africa (Moshi campus)

14 September 2023

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The UWCEA Moshi campus will start their UWC Day 2023 celebrations with an all-school assembly where some key speakers such as the Director, the sustainability committee and the UWCEA Diploma ESS class will discuss the theme 'Shaping a Sustainable Future'. The whole school will then be led in a sustainability-themed sing-along by the music teacher. We will then break into different workshops covering many different themes, including:

  1. Transform a trash bin into an artistic masterpiece! - PYP
  2. Collect trash during the week (house competition) and craft a contemporary sculpture from plastic trash. (Kili, mountain of trash) - MYP & DP
  3. Compose a harmonious melody or poem celebrating the symphony of sustainability. - MYP & DP
  4. Participate in an eco-conscious conversation on recycling and sustainable living (panel discussion - 2 panels) - MYP & DP
  5. Eco Quiz Challenge - Kahoot - MYP & DP
  6. What is our eco footprint? - Sustainability Committee workshop Scavenger Hunt / Find Leaves / Name the tree (TBC) - PYP
  7. Write ‘sustainability’ or draw symbols of sustainability. (on the walkway from the staff room up until room 11) - PYP
  8. Lights Off, Planet On! (create reminders in classrooms, houses and dorms to turn off lights.) using recycled paper - MYP & DP
  9. Did You Know? (display facts on sustainability during the week) -
  10. 10. Nurturing the longevity of our cultural heritage and diversity (cultural sustainability workshop?) - MYP & DP
  11. Bee Friends - PYP?
  12. Community Garden planting - PYP?

We will then bring the day to a close with photographs of our school community (some in traditional clothes) as we celebrate our diversity on this UN International Day of peace.