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UWC Day - UWC Changshu China

20 September 2023

20 September - 21 September 2023

UWC Changshu China will start their celebration of UWC Day 24 hours prior with a 'Cycle for Sustainability' event led by the school's Cycling Club.

On the day itself, students, staff and alums are invited to take part in an early morning fun run, which is  hosted by the Triathlon Club. The UWC Changshu China community will then enjoy an opening ceremony, followed by 35 different workshops related to the theme of 'Shaping a Sustainable Future'.

The workshops will be organised by Action, Awareness, and Solutions, and there will be a talent show where all acts perform pieces related to peace and sustainability. Proceedings will then close with a candlelight vigil and a call to action for our collective efforts to be sustained long after UWC day comes to a close.