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Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong

21 September 2022

21 September 2022

After an opening and remarks from Li Po Chun UWC's Principal's & UWC International Executive Director, Faith Abiodun, students will be divided into multiple groups where different topics will be discussed relating to the UWC Day theme:
* At peace with LPC biodiversity + artwork, * Sustainability Begins With Us Workshop (Reimagining LPC Sustainability Strategy)
* A Peace of Plastic, Wildlife: an important peace in Hong Kong
* and many more!

These activities will run for 1hr 30mins ending with a sharing and debrief session at the end of the day.

A selected group of students will help film/record the various activities and create a video that will highlight the multiple activities students + staff will have participated in during the celebration of the UWC Day.