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Wesleyan College-UWC Scholarship Programme

27 March 2017

Georgia, USA

Wesleyan College is the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Accelerating equality for women since 1836, Wesleyan provides students with an academically rigorous education in an environment designed to build the strength and resiliency to thrive.

About the scholarship programme:

Through the Wesleyan College-UWC Scholarship Programme, UWC students across the globe will be able to apply to one of two prestigious scholarships to assist them in their studies at Wesleyan:

  • Full Tuition Scholarship: Awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need and whose IBDP predicted/ final score is 37 or above. Students must be nominated by UWC Counselors or Principals.
  • CEO Women in Leadership Scholarship: This $25,000 scholarship given per year, also comes with a seat in Wesleyan’s CEO Leadership Institute, a four-year mentorship and leadership development program at Wesleyan College. This scholarship is awarded to a student whose IBDP predicted/final score is 41 or above. Students must be nominated by an educator to be eligible for this award.

As a UWC student, we are also extending the following scholarship:

  • A Principal / Counsellor scholarship: This is a one time scholarship of 5000 USD given to every UWC student who accepts the offer to attend Wesleyan College. There is no limitation to the number of these scholarships given, but the student must be nominated by the Principal / HOS/ Counsellor. The said amount is given in addition to the automatic entrance scholarship that a student may receive on their acceptance letter, unless the student is already receiving the highest amount of 25,000 USD or more.
How to apply:

UWC Students may make the Wesleyan College Application HERE

Contact information: 

Interested UWC students can reach out to their university guidance counsellors or write to: